Dalewood Huguenot wins Best SA Cheese

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Dalewood Huguenot from Dalewood Fromage has been named the Best SA

Cheese at the 30th annual World Cheese Awards.  The judges tasted over 3000 cheeses in a single day at Tobacco Dock in London.  By the end of the very busy day the Dalewood Huguenot was judged the best SA cheese and joint third overall in the competition.

Forming part of this year’s Taste of London Festive Edition, the 30th anniversary edition of the awards saw entries from a record breaking 35 different countries, with the final Super Jury naming Cornish Kern, an alphine-style cheese made by the UK’s Lynher Dairies Cheese Company, as the World Champion Cheese 2017.

With a total of one Super Gold, two Gold, four Silver and four Bronze awards going to entries from South Africa this year, the judges shined a spotlight on the hard work and dedication of our local cheese makers on this truly international stage.