About Us

A Few Words About Us

Louis and I met during our studies in Cape Town. I grew up on a wine farm near Wellington and Louis on a sheep farm in the Kalahari, Namibia.

After our studies, we got married and moved to Namibia for 4 years. My mum saw a small advert in the papers, which she thought, was the perfect way to get us to live in the Winelands. We moved to Franschhoek in 1988, with our two daughters, one a toddler and the other a newborn.

Since then Louis is in the fruit industry. They pack and export stone fruit, soft citrus and persimmons all over the world. We built our second house in Franschhoek in 2005 and moved with our 3 children, the youngest a boy of 8,  to the house we now live in.

Louis decided to keep me busy all year round by building the Petit Plaisir Cottage – that was in 2005! I had a wonderful time spoiling my guests. If you need to stay home for one unit, you might just as well expand the business….

We bought the property, at the back, middle 2015 and started renovations at the beginning of August. After 4 months of running between the two properties, we had our first guests, at Grande Plaisir, on the 22nd of December 2015. What a privilege it’s been, to welcome guests from all over the world, to our homes-away-from-home.

We live for the little pleasures and look forward to welcoming you to Franschhoek. Contact us with any questions or requirements for your next visit.