Recognition of Excellence

HotelsCombined recognizes Petit & Grande Plaisir amongst the best hotels in South Africa. HotelsCombined, the Australian-based hotel price comparison website owned by KAYAK, has selected Petit & Grande Plaisir to receive the official Recognition of Excellence Award. This selection has come from HotelsCombined’s extensive surveys using data from millions of guest reviews for a wide…

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Dalewood Huguenot wins Best SA Cheese

Petit Plaisir | Grande Plaisir Self-catering Accommodation |dalewood-huguenot-1

Cheese at the 30th annual World Cheese Awards.  The judges tasted over 3000 cheeses in a single day at Tobacco Dock in London.  By the end of the very busy day the Dalewood Huguenot was judged the best SA cheese and joint third overall in the competition. Forming part of this year’s Taste of London…

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The Franschhoek Literary Festival School Project

Petit Plaisir | Grande Plaisir Self-catering Accommodation | Franschhoek-Literary-festival

Imagine being taught to read but not to have books to read, not knowing the sheer pleasure of opening a book at home and reading story after story. Much is said in support of libraries for school children and disadvantaged communities.  Supporters could do well to take a leaf out of the book of the…

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Cap Classique Route

Petit Plaisir | Grande Plaisir Self-catering Accommodation | Cap-Classique-Route.

Stories about champagne always pay homage to the father of champagne, Dom Perignon – the blind monk. When he tasted his first successful bottle of champagne, he apparently shouted, “Brothers come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” Here in Franschhoek we have a new star and we urge you to come quickly and see for…

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